Planning is the key for your relocation and by providing us with all the important information about your move we will be able to create and map out a timetable of expectations and key touch-points during this process. Once the decision is made to relocate, the following triggers may be actioned.

Valid Passport & Visa

Whether you a relocating for work or personal reasons we will be able you to provide you with the most updated advice and support for your visa application. Our visa specialist will go through the visa and immigration process step-by-step to make sure you understand what documents are required and what timeframes can be expected. We can work with you directly or your employer if required.

Securing a New Home

Part of our home search service can be performed while you are still at your home country or city. We will provide housing options based on your completed Needs Assessment Form that we will send to you. Once you have selected some options we will arrange a viewing of the properties and show you the local area including shops, parks and transport. On selection of the property we will negotiate the rental price and agreement, check ownership documents of the property and lease contract and perform a check-in inventory to protect your deposit when it comes time to leave the property.

Selecting a Moving Company

We take the hassle of selecting a moving company by obtaining three or more competitive quotes for you. We will complete an in-house survey of your personal items or ask you to complete an on-line form and from this information we will calculate the packing requirement and volume to be moved. All quotes will be set-up in the same format so you will be able to compare and make a decision based on the price and service of each company. Once selected we will co-ordinate everything for you from packing and pick-up to delivery date. You will be allocated to an Account Manager who will keep you informed of the entire process and should you have any questions you will only have one person to contact.


As soon as you have made a decision to move, we recommend that you contact us regarding relocating your pet. Our specialist will advise you on the process and what documents are required. Vaccinations, boarding, the climate at destination, are just a few considerations when thinking about relocating your pet with you.

Language & Cultural Programs

If you have sufficient time prior to your move you may consider learning the local language and culture of your new country. If not or when you have settled in to your new city, you may decide to take one of our language courses or spend some time with our expert on cultural adaptation. Being able to communicate in the local language will not only reduce a lot of stress when it comes to everyday living but it will help you understand and build rapport with your new friends.