With over 50 years of management experience in the relocations, moving, real estate and HR industries, we are more than happy to share our practice advice on the next important chapter in your life.

Research Local Costs and Housing

Obviously, you will need to know in advance whether you can afford living in your new home country or not. Consider additional costs such as housing, utilities, healthcare, transport and more. You can research a lot of these costs on-line or ask us for our “basket of groceries” price comparison between you home city and new city.

Create a Budget

This is point commonsense, however you need to consider your new income and expenses for your new location. Allow for exchange rate fluctuations if you are receiving money from abroad.

Create a Personal Moving Plan

We will create an overall moving plan for your relocation process however you may consider creating a personal moving plan for your individual needs. Letting friends and family know about your move, changing the location in your social media, personal appointments you may have prior or after your move etc.

Take Trips to Investigate Your New Country or City

Whether it is practical or cost effective, try and take a couple of orientation trips prior to deciding whether to relocate to that city or not. You may find that the information on the internet or social media unreliable or insufficient for you. We provide specially designed, practical and informative orientation programs for our customers, to enable them to make the best possible decision.

Downsize Before Moving

Moving may be a good time to rid yourselves of things that you wouldn’t need in your new location. This step may also have the benefit of reducing your moving costs and housing space at your new home. Remember to check whether you have any of your personal effects in storage, with friends or family, in the attic or under the house when moving.

Consider the Emotional Impact

Moving comes with a lot of excitement as far as changing your lifestyle and arriving at a new location. It also comes with many emotions that you and all family members are going to experience at one time or another. It can be stressful, sad, frightening and just about every kind of emotion. Prepare and keep this in mind when moving, but also expect the impacts for at least 6 months to a year after the move until you, your partner or family adjusts.